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An extensive network monitoring tool



AbsoluteSurveil is an agent based enterprise device and system monitoring and management solution, which includes a management console called AbsoluteINSIGHT for visualising the full state of the network and or systems deployed. The solution uses agents that can be deployed on any device in the network, include servers, embedded and Linux devices and also on our Dual SIM 3G Smart Router to ensure full and reliable visibility.



Given our background in transactional banking we understand the need to provide sustained availability over 3G networks, identifying a gap in the market thus developing the Smart modem was created. To ensure the integrity of the data the device is equipped with dual SIMs and on-board intelligence to manage and report on the ability of the service. In addition to the 3G connectivity we monitor:-

  • Hardware and Network Availability
  • Smart Router remote access via SMS
  • Remote firmware and software upgrades
  • Signal Strength and Quality
  • Battery back-up and UPS monitoring

We extended our monitor capabilities

We assessed the market needs and recognised the need to provide more network transparency and visibility for calls across a businesses network especially where the introduction of Skype for Business was concerned.

So we developed the tool to address more:-

  • Leveraging more than five years of development in a world leading device management platform
  • Voice testing and analysis of Skype call quality across the entire communication path
  • A single fully consolidated view of the entire connectivity path including Data Network, Bandwidth, QoS, WiFi, Applications, Headsets or the actual user PC computer

Further extended capabilities

We listened to our customers and produced a simplified view of all the moving network elements to create RAG charts and quickly identifiable areas where network degradation was likely to occur.

Creativity is the key to success in the future, so this tool has been designed to enable the full end to end analysis of the technology supply chain. No longer having to hear that the problem does not occur any more or that it is an internet problem. This is designed to reduce time and cost of QoS voice and data trouble shooting.

  • We have enabled live data views which captures the actual activity at the time of instance
  • We are able to deploy the monitoring capability on many standard devices including, PCs, Server, Routers, and mobile devices

Download the brochure here

If you want more details on the Surveil Monitor tool download here.


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