Dual SIM 3G Smart Router


The Dual SIM 3G Smart Modem is an immediate remote replacement for existing fixed line networks. Providing a resilient and fully managed secure network communication solution which can be used as a dual personality router or a node device connecting across different mobile carrier networks.

The Smart Router has multiple interface connection options such as low power consumption, full centralised advanced configuration and security management; providing network analytics across all devices. Through the cloud we can provide full device status and proactive managed services including data centre hosting, 24×7 support helpdesk, and Service Level Agreement reporting.

The Smart Router is equipped with additional input and out ports including USB and serial ports that can connect to other devices such as CCTV cameras, door sensors, light switches and fuel gauges.


Given our background in transactional banking we understand the need to provide sustained availability over 3G networks, identifying a gap in the market thus developing the Smart modem was created. To ensure the integrity of the data the device is equipped with dual SIMs and on-board intelligence to manage and report on the ability of the service. In addition to the 3G connectivity we monitor:-

  • Hardware and Network Availability
  • Smart Router remote access via SMS
  • Remote firmware and software upgrades
  • Signal Strength and Quality
  • Battery back-up and UPS monitoring

Retail Banking Business Case:

Viability of operating an ATM is the average number of cash withdrawals per month and many Banks and ATM operators have a break-even number of transactions per ATM as a key metric to manage their estates. Given the proliferation of ATMs the average number of transactions per ATM has declined over the past couple of years and hence the viability of operating ATMs. The key question is how to drive up the average number of transaction per ATM while still maintaining the reach of each bank? The simple answer is to reduce the number of ATMs and to have multiple banks share an ATM. Absolute Systems has built that software capability and a reliable dual 3G smart modem to support that need.

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